Imbroglio Mix

DJ set

1. Loading Code In The Noodle Soup by Agf
2. Alone in Kyoto by Air
3. The Race To Be First Home by Isan
4. It means nothing by 4-4-2 Music
5. Supplica A Mia Madre by Pier Paolo Pasolini
6. Der Purpurrote Sonnenuntergang by Dominik Eulberg
7. Eryximaque by François Dufrene
8. Valentino Welding by Ticklish
9. Spots by Aphex Twin
10. Multifunktionsebene by Apparat
11. Axis audio by Mokira
12. The harmonic sewer by Beatsystem
13. Creature Comforts by Nick Park
14. Frog chorus by Echoes of nature
15. Cascading Lights by Masmöd
16. Chapitre I – En ville by Anne-James Chaton
17. Downward rush of the streams by Juantrip
18. Alpha and Omega by Boards of Canada
19. Sci-fi End by Max Farnea
20. Minus One by Broadcast
21. Two Sisters by Caroline Leaf
22. I love you by Noriko Tujiko
23. She’s someone I would die for by Metronome
24. Voices Inside The Temple by Chris Lynn
25. Poppy Fields by Mia Doi Todd
26. Amore by Maurizio Galante + Vegomatic
27. Bambi Meets Godzilla by Marv Newland »

DJ set quatre platines virtuelles
durée : 1h19

événement : Imbroglio – french edition opening night
lieu : l’HarmOnie
date : 25 mai 2012